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What people are saying about Multiply


Aida Harun

“ Really useful and concise information to help laymen like us to manage our finances. I really like the clear explanations and illustrations. Thanks, Multiply! ”


Nur Madihah

“ Saya rasa bahawa laman web Multiply ini sangat bermanfaat untuk orang macam saya. Bagi seorang yang dalam lingkungan umur lewat 20-an, yang berpendapatan dalam kategori M40 seisi rumah, dan juga tinggal di bandar, sudah tiba masanya saya lebih cakna tentang pengurusan kewangan. Dalam laman ini, saya dapat tahu lebih maklumat tentang pelaburan, unit trust, dan mengenal pasti jika ini masa terbaik untuk saya beli kereta atau rumah. Saya pasti maklumat dan panduan yang diberikan akan membawa kebaikan kepada anda semua tak kira kedudukan sosioekonomi anda. ”



“ I find this website really helpful and informative. Great channel to get insight on day-to-day matters such as savings, loans, investments etc. Find it super useful that this website lays out options for current and future financial planning. ”



“ Being a fresh graduate still trying to get the hang of ‘adulting’, it’s comforting to know that I can rely on Multiply’s wealth of guides and information on anything personal finance-related. Before going on Multiply, I didn’t know the first thing about planning for my retirement, purchasing insurance, and buying a house or a car. The information and advice provided are incredibly simple and easily digestible. ”


Ke Ten

“ Multiply is way beyond awesome. I found myself spending more time than I thought I would on the website as the topics on Multiply are extremely relatable to me. It literally addresses every financial related question that I have always been asking. Multiply is absolutely tailored for those who are clueless about investment, insurance plan, or who is a financial illiterate like me. ”

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“ It’s a one-stop hub for my financial 101 needs! Broken down to clear and distinct sections for easy navigation as I start on my financial adulting phase. Loving the overall look and language of the platform, making this complex subject less intimidating to consume. Those calculators are one of a kind and a great tool! ”

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